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DoubleJump_Rad.asm v1.0

Submitter: wolfmerrik

Description: A brand new multi-jump script recode. Saves on math operations over the old one, eliminates the "hold a" bounce bug, and just works better!

For details on how to use this script, check out:

It uses this this script as well for the full effect:

Credits: Use this however you wish, but please let me know!


Tags: doublejump, jump, multijump, platformer

ASM Preview:

;  DoubleJump_Rad.asm v1.0 by WolfMerrik

;  Use on "Press A" Input (Or your jump button of choice)

;  Using this a a press avoids that weird bouncing we got with the old script

;  Much more than a double jump, but a multijump

;  You can define how many "DoubleJumps" you can do in constants

;  You could even add an item that increases this with a variable easily

;  This would be done to canDoubleJump, and you would ADC, or SBC the jump items value.

;  The same could be done of course with jump height (high jump boots anyone?)

LDA jumpStatus

; This is an incomplete preview.
; Download for the full code

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