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JumpRelease_Rad.asm v1.0

Submitter: wolfmerrik

Description: This is the new release script for the double/multijump.

For details on how to use this script, check out:

It uses this this script as well for the full effect:

Credits: Use however you wish, but please let me know!


Tags: doublejump, jump, multijump, platformer

ASM Preview:

;  JumpRelease_Rad.asm v1.0 by WolfMerrik

;  Use on "Release A" Input

;  This works very similar to the old method, but with better comments & optimizations

LDA #JUMP_RELEASE_HEIGHT ;  The constant we will be comparing against. Use a predefined negative

LDX player1_object ;  Load the player object to the X register for compare/setting

CMP Object_v_speed_hi,x ;  Compare our v-speed with the jump release height (Speed)

BMI skipJumpRelease ;  If the speed is below the jumping (reverse falling speed)

LDA #JUMP_RELEASE_HEIGHT ;  Load the new release speed/height

STA Object_v_speed_hi,x ;  Set it!

; This is an incomplete preview.
; Download for the full code

Download: Here

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