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Platformer Recoil Script

Submitter: wolfmerrik

Description: This script should replace the current "DetermineRecoilDirection", Found in the Physics Script.

It basically replaces it with a more platformer friendly recoil.

The post on NESMakers about this can be found here:

Credits: by WolfMerrik


Tags: damage, jump, platformer, recoil

ASM Preview:

;  This script should be added to / Replace the current "DetermineRecoilDirection"

;  In a platfomer engine, we do not need to do 4-way recoils (well... we do, just not the same way!)

;  In this way, all the recoils (except downward) give an upward vertical boost, and a horizontal

;  We use the values in Constants.asm, the hi = upward_recoil_amount, and the lo = horizontal_recoil_amount

;  Feel Free to change this how you wish!

;  Script by -WolfMerrik


LDA recoil_selfX ;  First check for the abs x value

; This is an incomplete preview.
; Download for the full code

Download: Here

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