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varJumpRelease Fix

Submitter: wolfmerrik

Description: The platform tutorial's jump release code had an error which allowed the player to fly by mashing. This fixes it

Credits: Original code by NESMaker, changes by wolfmerrik

Tags: fix, jump, platform, platformer, tutorial

ASM Preview:

;  Fix and comments by WolfMerrik

;  Some info may be "stupid" or incorrect

;  This is v1.0 of this file

;  There may be improvements, or links to a revised version here:


LDA #$00 ;  Its always good to start at 0


SBC #$02 ;  I chose 2 over the tutorials 3 because I wanted lighter/tighter jumps

LDX player1_object

; This is an incomplete preview.
; Download for the full code

Download: Here

Size: 523 B

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